D8. A Teen and Young Adult’s Guide to Medical Transition

July 31, 2017

Physicians from the Divisions of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine and Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh will review the process and need for self-advocacy of youth with special healthcare needs in the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare systems. The physicians will discuss how to approach important but sensitive topics that are unique to adolescents and young adults in the healthcare world, particularly mental health needs and sexual-reproductive health. This session will also involve an interaction with our Children’s Hospital Advisory Network for Guidance and Empowerment (CHANGE) advisers, who are youth ages 14-26 that have received care at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for various medical needs. During this part of the session, youth can engage with the advisers of CHANGE and review a booklet titled "Guide to Medical Transition" which is a tool designed to help youth advocate for their needs as they navigate the healthcare system transition from pediatric to adult medical providers.

Title of Training: 2017 PA Community on Transition Conference

Presenter: Unoma Akamagwuna, Jessica MacCormac, Susan Saule

Training Date: 08/08/2017

Topics: Secondary Transition

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