35. "All Really Means All": The Why-What-How of Inclusion for Students with Cognitive Disabilities

November 2, 2021

There is a huge research-to-practice gap related to the inclusion of students with significant cognitive disabilities. Despite strong evidence of positive outcomes from inclusive education, students with significant cognitive disabilities continue to be educated primarily in segregated settings. Removing the barriers to implement inclusive education means weaving together the resources and supports to address the "why, what and how" of inclusive education. The TIES Center, the national technical assistance center on inclusive education with a particular focus on students with significant cognitive disabilities, will share resources related to the why, what and how of inclusive education and how they can be used to support system change that builds inclusive education systems.

Title of Training: HELIX Conference

Presenter: Terri Vandercook, Ph.D., Gail Ghere, Ph.D.; Jessica Bowman, Ph.D.; Jennifer Sommerness, Ed.S.

Training Date: 11/10/2021


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