48. Symposium: Mentoring

April 26, 2019

Symposium: Mentoring
Big Panther/Little Panther – Mentoring the Youth of Tomorrow
The Big Panther/Little Panther Program is a student-to-student mentoring program pairing high school and intermediate school students within the Pocono Mountain School District. Join us to learn about the implementation of a mentoring program which builds strong relationships and fosters both behavioral and academic supports to students.

Updating Your Tier 2 System: How to Implement a Mentoring Program Using Class Dojo
This session presentation will focus on establishing and implementing a Tier 2 mentoring program for a school using Class Dojo, based on components from both Check-In Check-Out (CICO) and Check, Connect, Expect (CCE).

Title of Training: 2019 PA PBS Implementers' Forum

Presenter: Pocono Mountain School District & Keystone Central School District

Training Date: 05/15/2019


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