2017 Academic MTSS Implementers Forum Welcomes STEM: Innovation, Implementation and Evolution in PA

October 11, 2017

This year, the MTSS Academic Initiative welcomes STEM! School practitioners K-12, administrators and families will have multiple opportunities to engage in meaningful professional learning sessions across ALL disciplines, including science, technology and engineering! Attend this year's forum to gain deep content, move forward with sound implementation across the tiers and expand your continuum of data-based decision-making tools and evidence-based practices. *MTSS Forum Handouts (others will be made available as they are received)* __ *2017 Academic MTSS Implementers Forum Event Schedule* MTSS_AcadImplmSch080817 *The Power of MTSS and Reading Profiles: A Blueprint for Solving Reading Problems* 13. Swerling_1017Part1 14. Swerling_HO1 15. Swerling_HO2 16. Swerling_1017Part2 17. Swerling_BreakoutCases 18. Swerling_Destiny 19. Swerling_Zachariah *Overview of Using Response to Intervention for Specific Learning Disability Determination* 36. Overview_RtI_SLD_091517 *In Depth Methodologies of Using RtI for SLD Determination* 37. InDepthMethodologies092117 38. 2017_ER_Sample_09717 39. EvalReportDiscussion *Using RtI for SLD Determination for Written Expression and Mathematics* 35. RtI_SLD_DetermWritMath2 *Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Attendance: The Journey of One High School* 20. MTSS_SSIP_Attend 21. Attendance_MTSS_Pyramid 22. Pyramid_Worksheet 23. SSIP_AttendancePublication 24. SSIP_FamilyEngagemPub 25. Teaching_Attendance2 26. Attendance_incentives *Developing Effective Partnerships in Middle and High Schools* 06. Greenfeld_mid_HS_1017 07. Greenfeld _Set1 10. Greenfeld_Set2 *Engage Families in Helping Students Make Successful Transitions* 08. Greenfeld_3005_001 09. Greenfeld_3006_001 11. Greenfeld_Transitions101818 *Check and Connect: Mentoring at the High School Level* 12. PA_ConnectOverview_MTTS *Making Math Meaningful Through a Multi-Tiered System of Supports* 27. Calculating_ROI_worksheet 28. ConceptsApplicationsKey 29. ConceptsApplicScoGuls 30. DIBELS_Form_A_Answer_Key 31. DIBELS_ScoringGuidelines 32. DS_IR_Cards 33. DS_IR_Cards 34. Team_Think_GO *Transcription Skills: The Impact of Handwriting and Spelling on the Student Writer* 60. MTSS 2017_Handwriting & Spelling 61. handwriting_mtss handout *Oral Language: The Foundation for Word and Sentence-Level Writing* 64. Oral lang_ Part 1_sentences_to_share 65. Oral Language_Part 2 *Genre-Based Composing: General Principles for Teaching Students to Write Different Genres* 53. Coker_genre-based_composing *Differentiating Writing Instruction for Sentences and Paragraphs* 54. Coker_Differentiation_for_ Sentences_Paragraphs *Writing Matters: Developing Sentence Skills in Students of All Ages* 67. Pattan MTSS Sentence Activity Booklet_10.18.2017 68. Writing Matters_Activity Pages 71. MTSS 2017 - Syntax 10-17 *Tier 3: Instructional Characteristics and Strategies to Ensure Generalization to Tier 1* 45. Impl_Forum_Tier3InstrandIntv 46. Tier3_Instr_Case *When You Do Not Know What to Do, Stay Calm and Problem-Solve!* 40. Imple_Forum_Batsche_2 41. ICEL_RIOT_Matrix 42. MPS_Problem_Solving0916 *Evidence-Based Practices Related to Problem Solving* 43. Sarah_Powell_Handouts_10_18_17 *Good Instruction is Preceded by Good Planning: What Does Lesson Planning Look Like in a MTSS?* 47. 6th_gr_ template_Tier 1 48. Lesson_Study_Guide *Building Your Academic Base with MTSS Bootcamp* 55. Forum_Bootcamp_2017_2 *A Journey in the Implementation at Tier 3: Supporting Student Need* 03. CPC_MTSS_Referral_Form 04. Forum_Presentation 05. RTII_CALENDAR_2017_18 *Getting Down to the Nuts and Bolts of Tier 1 for ELs* 56. Getting_Down_to_Nuts_and Bolts_EL *Looking More Closely at Tier 2 Supports and Services for ELS* 57. Closer Look at Tier 2 *Honing Tier 3 for ELs: Intensity, Problem-Solving and Customization* 58. Honing _Tier_3_for_ELs *Implementing Evidence-Based Practices to Increase Graduation Rates and Decrease Dropout Rates for Students with Disabilities in PA* 59. Implementing Evidence-Based Practices to Increase Graduation Rates *Fostering the “Word Generation” and Creating Writers in the Middle Grades* 62. Word Gen Gettysburg 10-18-17 (1) 63. Word Gen Sample Lessons *Aquaponics the Agricultural Makerspace of the Future: A Learning Laboratory for All Students* 69. Aquaponics *Leading MTSS to Get the Best Results From Your Literacy MTSS: For School Leaders* 50. HANDOUT_Get_Best_Results_Literacy_MTSS *Leading MTSS to Get the Best Results From Your Literacy MTSS: For School Leaders* 51. HANDOUT_Leading_MTSS_HALL 52. Intervention_Ob_Form_3_ 4_10 *Research Informing Practice: Connecting Ehri’s Phase Theory to Reading and Spelling Instruction* 70. Connecting the DotsHdout1 *My Student is Just Not Learning Math. What do I do?* 72. CBA-ID Math Procedures 73. Math Conceptual CBA-ID 74. MTSS PaTTAN Forum_What Do I Do_Burns 75. Tier II problem solving

Title of Training: 2017 Academic MTSS Implementers Forum Welcomes STEM: Innovation, Implementation and Evolution in PA

Presenter: Multiple Presenters

Training Date: 10/15/2017

Topics: Response to Intervention (RTI)

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