Mediator Training 2016: Getting Conflict Unstuck


Session Dates

Thursday September 08, 2016 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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A pivot is a change of direction and, therefore, focus. When people stuck in states of conflict and tension focus attention in ways that get them stuck and cause the conflict to gnaw at them, freedom from a conflict means pivoting in three key ways. This interactive training, based on a framework developed and used with mediation clients over the past decade, will introduce mediators to the framework, its uses, and ways to use the process with their own clients. Examples and scenarios used in the training will include those typically experienced by families and school staff who are in conflict about a child’s IEP.


At the end of this training, participants will know:

  • The role of identity (how one sees oneself in the world) in the genesis and continuation of conflict
  • The 3-part Conflict Pivot Framework
  • The 6 “conflict hooks” and their role in triggering and escalating conflict
  • How to recognize a person’s conflict hooks during mediation
  • How to use the pivots and recognition of hooks in the mediation process

Target Audience

This training is specifically intended for contracted mediators with the Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR) and related program staff who work with families and schools attempting to resolve educational conflicts. Participants will be familiar with mediation and conflict resolution strategies; special education regulations; and collaborative practices for resolving special education conflicts.

Individuals attending this course must arrive on time and stay the duration of the course in order to receive Act 48 Professional Education hours. Requests for exceptions are to be brought to the attention of the individual´s Superintendent or IU Director prior to the course.

Topics Covered: Other or Non PaTTAN

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Act 48 Clock Hour
Continuing Legal Education credit (CLE)
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Tammy Lenski

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Heather Doyle