Open Hands Open Access Intervener Learning Modules Related to Students who are Deaf-Blind


Session Dates

Tuesday April 19, 2016 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


The participants will be provided information on the on-line training resource The Open Hands Open Access (OHOA) Intervener Learning Modules which are a national resource related to the intervention for students who are deaf-blind and are being served in educational settings, and how the Pennsylvania Deaf-Blind Project is supporting this learning resource for module participants across the Commonwealth. During this one-hour webinar learn about PaTTAN’s upcoming OHOA Module training, training schedule and its “kick off”. Meet the staff of the Pennsylvania Deaf-Blind Project and your module co-hosts.

The primary purpose of the modules was to provide a resource for the acquisition of specialized skills for paraeducators working with students with deaf-blindness functioning in the role of the intervener. An intervener provides a bridge to the world for the student who is deafblind. The intervener helps the student gather information, learn concepts and skills, develop communication and language, and establish relationships that lead to greater independence. The intervener is a support person who does with, not for the student. The module content was created by a diverse group of experts in the field of deaf-blindness including state and national deaf-blind project staff, parents of children who are deaf-blind, higher education faculty,teachers, educational interpreters, and interveners.


Participants will:

  • Discuss learning opportunities to gain awareness and understanding of deaf-blindness and its unique intervention practices and principles
  • Review the purpose of the Open Hands Open Access (OHOA) Online Intervener Learning Modules
  • Be oriented to the ways interested families and educators, including paraprofessional in the role of intervener, can participate in OHOA Online Intervener Learning Modules

Target Audience

Individuals working with students who are deaf-blind,including parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators,and other service providers,including those who are not seeking to become interveners.

Topics Covered: Deaf-Blind

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Patti McGowan and Tina Hertzog

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Kristi Simpson
(800) 441-3215 x7241


Sue Ann Houser