Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom: Integrating AI to Support Student Learning

PaTTAN - Online Course

Session Dates

Monday February 12, 2024 - 11:59 PM - PaTTAN - Online Course
Monday April 15, 2024 - 11:59 PM - PaTTAN - Online Course

This course will continue to explore the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in educational settings, specifically focusing on integrating AI tools into lesson activities to support students' learning.

After completing the previous course that delved into how AI can assist teachers in common daily tasks, participants in this course will take a step further by examining students’ interactions with AI tools. Educators will identify appropriate tools, resources, and strategies for integrating AI to enhance learning experience for students.

Throughout the course, participants will design and share an AI-infused lesson activity. Additionally, the course will facilitate discussions on the role of AI in supporting Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies, contributing to the creation of inclusive educational environments.


Participants will

  • Identify and understand use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom.
  • Explore available AI tools and resources for integration into lesson activities.
  • Design and implement an AI-infused lesson activity.
  • Discuss ways to empower students to select and utilize appropriate AI tools to support their learning.
  • Consider and leverage AI to support the implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies, fostering an inclusive educational environment.

Target Audience

General education teachers, content-area teachers, special education teachers, English language learners teachers, librarians, specialists, instructional coaches.

Topics Covered: STEM

Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate individuals who have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and who need assistance at this event. Contact: Sadie Hetrick, at 717-901-2273, or

Event Info

Event Type:

On-line Courses

Credit Type:

Act 48 Clock Hour
No credit


PaTTAN Educational Consultant

Event Contact:


Sadie Hetrick

Content Contact:

Jeremy Gabborin

Additional Info

This event requires a prerequisite course. To be eligible to take this course, it is required that participants fully complete the PaTTAN course titled Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom - Introduction.