Open Hands Open Access: Deaf-Blind Intervention Modules

Module 01: An Overview of Deaf-Blindness and Instructional Strategies

PaTTAN - Online Course

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Thursday November 01, 2018
Friday November 30, 2018

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The Open Hands Open Access (OHOA) Intervener Learning Modules are a national resource designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills related to intervention for students who are deaf-blind and are being served in educational settings. In educational environments, intervener services are provided by an individual, typically a para educator, who has received specialized training in deaf-blindness and the process of intervention. When completed, the Open Hands Open Access Intervener Learning Modules will be comprised of 27 modules, each with a defined focus related to best practice in the education of students with Deaf-Blindness. First year participants/teams in PaTTAN’s OHOA Cohorts complete the first 8 modules during the course of a school year. If participants/teams wish to continue their engagement beyond the first year, additional modules are available, with each participant/team engaging in modules of their choice based on the educational needs of their student(s).

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On-line Courses

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Tina Hertzog and Patti McGowan

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Lorraine Byer


Patti McGowan

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This module is part of the Open Hands Open Access Intervener Learning Modules (OHOA) series; you must be an OHOA cohort participant to register. The PA Deaf-Blind Project runs a training of the OHOA modules with a new cohort beginning each year in January.  Please contact Patti McGowan or Lorraine Byer for more information about the OHOA modules.