Differentiating: Compliance Monitoring for Continuous Improvement

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Tuesday April 09, 2019 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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The goal of Differentiated Monitoring Support for LEAs (school districts and charter schools) is to jointly assess performance with IDEA requirements towards the improvement of results for students with disabilities. Risk assessment results drive the intensity and type of technical assistance and improvement plans towards meeting compliance. Differentiated Monitoring Support provides LEAs with preventative measures to assess their areas of need and support results towards outcomes. PDE and our partners will leverage resources to provide ongoing support to the LEAs with the focus on the outcomes of our students with disabilities.


1. Describe the benefits of a risk-based Differentiated Monitoring Support System.
2. Detail 3-4 shifts in how BSE will monitor in the differentiated system.
3. Identify the key elements of the Differentiated Monitoring Support System.

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BSE Advisers

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Gina Colarossi

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Barb Gilbert