MTSS Writing Cohort Series: Enhancing Writing Outcomes within Tiered Systems

Writing for Comprehension

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Session Dates

Wednesday January 09, 2019 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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This workshop continues to examine research-based, effective practices for tier 1 writing. All too often, students lack foundational paragraph skills when they are asked to write in the genres. Using a gradual release model of instruction, participants in this hands-on, interactive session will work towards developing a series of skills that will take writers from an initial idea to a written product. They will practice with idea generation, categorization, and generating topic, supporting, and concluding sentences. Phases of genre-specific writing instruction, such as learning about, evaluating, and writing genre, will also be discussed. Because students who are knowledgeable about text structure recall and write text better than those who are not, this session will highlight the importance of making text structure visually explicit for the genres of narrative, informational/explanatory, and opinion/argumentative writing by using beginning-middle-end frames. The workshop will conclude with discussion and application activities focused on how to facilitate writing for comprehension –including main idea and detail identification, summarizing, notetaking, and text-dependent analysis.




Participants will be able to:

  • List a series of steps to take writers from idea to paragraph
  • Build a repertoire of strategies to help fledgling writers develop paragraph skills
  • Describe how to model and gradually release paragraph writing to students
  • Identify the phases of genre-specific writing instruction
  • Explain the use of text structure to teach narrative, informational/explanatory, and opinion/argumentative writing
  • List ways students can respond to text by writing (e.g., note taking, summarizing, question answering)
  • Identify appropriate writing to learn strategies for inclusion in content area instruction


Target Audience

Building level teams to include the following team members:
Building Principal, General Education Teacher(s), Special Education Teachers(s), School Psychologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Reading/Writing Specialist, Parent (optional), IU TaC (required),  MTSS Coordinator

Topics Covered: Literacy

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Act 48 Clock Hour
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PaTTAN Educational Consultant, William Van Cleave, Lana Edwards Santoro

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Kelly Kapp


Jennifer Collins