2022 HELIX Virtual Experience: High Expectations for Students with Low Incidence Disabilities

12. SoR and CLfA and Agency, Oh My! The yellow brick road to literacy and high expectations!

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Tuesday November 15, 2022 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM - Webinar


Vocabulary and background knowledge building (schema) can significantly impact reading, writing, and communication with AAC users. You need words, and to understand words, to use words in shared reading and writing experiences. We will dive into the research from Comprehensive Literacy for ALL and The Science of Reading. The following tools and strategies will be highlighted; The Expanding Expression Tool™, Descriptive Teaching Techniques, Canva™, Alternative Pencil, Readtopia™, (however, any Literacy curriculum can be used), and Youtube™. When these tools and strategies are combined with EBPs, participants will be given practical strategies on how all students can be active participants in their journey of learning to read and write. It begins with presumed competence, evidence-based practices (EBP’s), and meaningful activities!

Participants will be able to:

  • State the importance of developing anchor activities such as vocabulary and background knowledge.
  • Describe three parts of the EET tool and how to use it during descriptive teaching.
  • Search, play, and manipulate youtube videos for building background knowledge.


Target Audience

Teachers, administrators, speech language pathologists, related service providers, consultants, training and consulting staff, paraprofessionals, family members Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate individuals who have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and who need assistance at this event. Contact: Annette Bauerlein, at 610-878-7211, or abauerlein@pattan.net.

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Act 48 Clock Hour
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Sharon Redmon MS/ATP

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Kristin Starosta