How to be a PRO Special Education Leader (Proactive, Responsive and Organized)


2021-2022 PRO Grab & Go Series

The Grab and Go Series consists of recorded videos, all under 10 minutes in length, designed to provide special education leaders with a succinct synopsis of the mandatory reporting requirements completed through the PA Department of Education (PDE) and Leader Services portals. Leaders and those who hold the responsibility for special education reporting in local education agencies can access the following reporting videos online at any time:

  • Act 16 Reporting
  • Approved Private School (APS) 4010 & 4011 Reporting
  • Comprehensive Plan Reporting
  • Contingency Fund Reporting
  • Homebound Instruction & Instruction Conducted in the Home Reporting
  • Indicator 14 Reporting
  • Restraint Information System Collection (RISC) Reporting
  • Students at Home (SES) Reporting

A playlist of these recordings can be accessed at the following link:

Grab & Go Flyer