Resources for AI Education

In this section, you will find a number of resources, links, and information for teachers using AI in the classroom.
NOTE: It is possible that some of these links could be blocked by your school for security purposes.  Do not be frustrated, try another link. And consider asking your school tech department to whitelist the websites.


50 Ways Teachers can use Chat GPT to Save Time

What better way to get a handle on all the hype than to immerse yourself into the recent AI development. Teacher Eric walks us down the path to investigate the ways to help navigate ChatGPT and explore how this aspect of AI can be harnessed as another tool to improve our craft.

List of AI tools for Teachers 

What is AI? - business applications from McKinsey & Co.

Guide to AI - from Washington Post

AI Applications - from SimpliLearn

Educating for an AI World - The Disruption has already happened!

Snapshot of Research from CSforAll -Pedagogical recommendations from CSforAll

AI Tools for Teachers – Rachel Arthur writes
Nice list as collected by one teacher (good start for someone trying to find out what’s new….Also, a nice place to send non-CS Teachers looking for some useful tools about AI!)
A bit more comprehensive list of tools (with brief summaries and pricing if applicable) to help out teachers in and out of the classroom.

AI Tools“ (treasure trove of AI Tools to explore!)

Empowering Educators” (scroll to pg 4 of slidedeck for teacher resource links!)

AI Lessons and Links: ISTE 2019 ETC - Links and resources from the 2019 ISTE Cohort 

John Spencer Guide (very Basic Beginner’s Guide)

AI Snapshots (set of google slides (180!) that can be used as warm-ups to start an AI Discussion) (free)

MIT RAISE: ​​ (free) (cost money.  Not free)

Raspberry Pi: (free)
RASPBERRY PI: “​​Something we get asked a lot is: “How do I teach AI and machine learning with my class?”. To answer this question, we have developed a set of free lessons for secondary school students (age 11 to 14) that give you everything you need including lesson plans, slide decks, worksheets, and videos.”

Teachable Machine-Lesson -here

Day of (MIT) (free)

Scratch has AI components - here  TeachFX Teacher/Student talking and data for observations.  make edpuzzle videos automatically