Inclusive Practices

Our commitment to least restrictive environment (LRE) for each student is to ensure that Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams begin with the general education setting, with the use of Supplementary Aids and Services, before considering a more restrictive environment.  Successful inclusive education of students who have IEPs involves the use of appropriate supports and services necessary to participate in and benefit from both the general classroom setting and other natural environments.  Inclusive education is intentional in its programming and views the needs of the individual student from not simply an academic perspective but also a transitional, behavioral, and social/emotional perspective.





- Office Lead
- State Lead
Jennifer Alicandri PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Dawn Durham PaTTAN - EAST
Kimberly Jenkins PaTTAN - EAST
Elaine Neugebauer PaTTAN - WEST
Kristin Starosta PaTTAN - EAST
Lisa Russo PaTTAN - EAST
Jeff Mathieson PaTTAN - WEST
Maggie Cierpilowski PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Lauren Lutz PaTTAN - WEST
Susan Fariss PaTTAN - WEST
Tim Knight PaTTAN - WEST