Optimized Inclusive Practices

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Optimized Inclusive Practices (OIP) Framework

The Optimized Inclusive Practices in Pennsylvania (OIP) Framework is designed to ensure that school personnel implement the big ideas, concepts and competencies needed to leverage data, systems and practices to effectively educate students who have low incidence and significant cognitive disabilities in inclusive educational settings. The framework will highlight the features of an educational system that presumes competence and effectively includes students with low incidence and significant cognitive disabilities. However, this framework also has great applicability for considering optimized practice for all learners.

Optimized inclusive educational practices build capacity for schools to educate students with low incidence and significant cognitive disabilities in the academic and independent living skills necessary for membership, participation and learning in all areas of their adult lives. Educators can use this framework to realize the goal of college, career and community readiness for students with complex instructional needs in Pennsylvania’s public schools.

The OIP Framework is designed to enable school personnel to frame a common vision based upon best practices and research in the area of inclusive practices. The framework also guides school personnel to reflect on current data, systems and practices in their districts, schools and classrooms while charting a path towards optimized outcomes.

The OIP Framework outlines big ideas, concepts, competencies and suggestions for targeted professional development in the areas of:

  • Leadership

  • School Climate

  • Student placement decisions

  • Purposeful collaboration

  • Family and community involvement

  • Instructional planning

  • Effective instructional practices

  • Supplementary aids and services