Understanding UDL by Recognizing Common Myths!

checkbox with the word facts checked and the word myths with an xUnderstanding UDL by Recognizing Common Myths!

1.  UDL is a framework to optimize learning for all learners

2.  UDL practitioners share these fundamental core beliefs:

  • Variability is the rule, not the exception.  Students don’t have to do the same things at the same time.

  • All students can work toward the same firm goals and grade-level standards.

  • All students will become expert learners if barriers are removed

3.  UDL isn’t a checklist or a chunk of time set aside on the master schedule when we all “UDL”. UDL is a framework that allows us to consider:

  • What is it that all learners need to know or be able to do

  • What barriers may prevent students from learning?

  • How do I design flexible pathways for all learners to learn and share what they know?

To further your knowledge of the UDL Framework, consider reading this article on the 6 Myths about Universal Design for Learning, by Katie Novak.