UDL Trouble Shooting Template


troubleshooting.jpgUDL Trouble Shooting Template

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a shift in perspective: we must intentionally shift our focus away from blaming the learner (“The students are constantly blurting out the answers”) to identifying the problem within the environment (“This lecture format does not allow students to share their responses”).


Reframing the problem can be challenging. Here are some good sentence-starters to help assure that you have accurately identified the barrier:

  • “The design of the lesson doesn’t provide for…”

  • “The learning activities aren’t…”

  • “The location of the materials isn’t…”

  • “The lesson hasn’t built in scaffolding for…”

Consider using this Troubleshooting Template, shared by National CAST Faculty Member, Jennifer Pusateri, to guide you through the process of stating the problem, reframing the problem to assure it is not directed at the learner, and then aligning the true problem with potential solutions using the UDL Guidelines. 

Fillable Troubleshooting Template

If you have questions or want additional information, please contact your regional PaTTAN office. Follow @pattanupdates and #PaTTANUDL for key UDL concepts and resources.