Difference Between UDL & Traditional Education


education.jpgThe Difference Between UDL & Traditional Education                                      

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for ALL learners. Traditional classroom approaches and UDL classroom approaches to education are very different.
Traditional Classroom UDL Classroom
  Teaching focuses on what is taught.  
  Teaching focuses on both what is
  taught and how.
  Accommodations are for specific     
  Accommodations are for all
  The teacher decides how the
  material is taught.
  The teacher works with the student
  to decide how the student will learn   
  the material.
  The classroom has a fixed setup.
  The classroom has a flexible setup.
  There’s one way for a student to
  complete an assignment.
  There are multiple ways to complete
  an assignment.
  Grades are used to measure
  Grades are used to reinforce goals.
Learn more about the differences between traditional classroom and UDL classroom with this resource from Understood.org.

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