Building UDL habits using “Plus-1 Thinking”Teacher sitting with students


At first, Universal Design for Learning may feel overwhelming.  So, let’s start small because, in simplest form, UDL is about removing barriers and providing flexibility in how a goal can be achieved. 

Instead of thinking about an entire lesson, build UDL habits through moments in time. Focus on identifying a specific moment in your day such as greeting students, completing a “warm up” activity or completing an exit slip. 

Ask yourself, what’s one OTHER way to reach this goal?  “Plus-1 Thinking” is a great way to start applying the UDL design process. Take just one daily moment, think of a potential barrier to success in that moment, and then provide one more way for students to achieve the goal in addition to what you planned.  

Consider using this template to support your “Plus-1 Thinking”.  Check out this example for some inspiration or watch the clip UDL Plus-One, by Dr. Thomas Tobin.


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Be sure to check in next week as we continue building strong UDL Habits!