See the Sound – Visual Phonics©

See the Sound – Visual Phonics© is a multisensory instructional tool that represents all of the sounds of English with a hand-shape prompt and a corresponding written symbol. It is used to support/supplement explicit reading instruction for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. In order to ensure fidelity of implementation, workshops may only be provided by licensed trainers as mandated by the national organization, International Communication Learning Institute (ICLI). Licensed trainers are available through PaTTAN; please see the PaTTAN Training calendar for training opportunities.

See the Sound – Visual Phonics© can impact the reading achievement of students, however an important distinction must be made. See the Sound Visual Phonics© is neither a curriculum nor a reading program but is intended to supplement effective reading instruction for students. It is important to follow the core program and curriculum that is already being utilized within a school. Like any intervention or tool used to support instruction, student assessment data is critical to determine the extent the time and intensity in which See the Sound Visual Phonics© is utilized.