Literacy: Reading, Writing and More

Developing Reading Skills

Children who are deaf or hard of hearing can face significant challenges developing the language and literacy skills needed to succeed in school and to become self-sufficient adults. For many years, PaTTAN has been working in tandem with national experts to conduct research through pilot projects, and to offer trainings on literacy development of students who are deaf or hard of hearing. As a result of these efforts, numerous tools for assessing students and informing instruction based on data driven decisions were created and shared.

Learning to read for a child with hearing loss is a complex process, impacted by many factors, and with no one best approach to meet the variety of needs of these learners. Decisions about instruction, materials, differentiation or accommodations need to be based on data collected through assessment and should be individualized to the student’s needs.

PaTTAN has collaborated with Dr. Lana Santoro to create a series of Toolkits focused on building the skills of reading for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Each kit includes a webinar, powerpoint and resource packet for implementing intervention strategies.

Links to Toolkits:

Building a Professional Learning Community – Getting Started

Expanding the Literacy Toolkit:Word Analysis Toolkit: Optimizing Word Reading-Decoding, Word Analysis, and Word Study Interventions

Expanding the Literacy Toolkit: Fluency Toolkit: Bridging Decoding and Comprehension with Fluency Interventions

Expanding the Literacy Toolkit: Retelling Toolkit: Building Comprehension with Text Structure and Retelling Interventions

Expanding the Literacy Toolkit: Vocabulary Toolkit: Teaching Words to Build Comprehension

Expanding the Literacy Toolkit: Comprehension Strategy Toolkit: Building Comprehension with Main Idea Identification and Summarizing

Expanding the Literacy Toolkit: Content Engagement Toolkit: Building Comprehension with Quality Questioning

Expanding the Literacy Toolkit: The Writing Process Toolkit
  Expanding the Literacy Toolkit: Micro-Level Writing
  Expanding the Literacy Toolkit: Genre and Discipline-Specific Writing Toolkit