Using appropriate accommodations in high-stakes testing situations can provide students with equal access to demonstrate their knowledge without affecting the validity of the test results.  Consult Pennsylvania’s Accommodations Guidelines 2018: PSSA and Keystone Exams for a review of accommodation practices, procedures, and limitations in regard to the Keystone, PSSA, and PASA assessments.

The Video Sign Language online version is available for students identified as eligible for the sign language presentation accommodation by the IEP team. Documentation must be included on the IEP and/or Communication Plan, or the student’s 504 Plan. 

  • Students must use a sign language accommodation during instructional periods and assessments; it should not be used solely during Keystone/PSSA/PASA assessments. 
  • In order to access the VSL version, students must first be established in the DRC eDirect Test Setup system, with the corresponding VSL accommodation.
  • Utilization of the VSL accommodation does not replace students’ onsite educational interpreters during the assessment, as the interpreter is required to be there to provide access for questions and/or concerns. 


  • Pennsylvania Department of Education Accommodations Guidelines 2018: PSSA and Keystone Exams - PDF Version