Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA)

In Pennsylvania, the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) is the diagnostic tool that is used to determine an educational interpreter’s overall level of proficiency. To assess the skills of an individual interpreter, the EIPA utilizes two video samples of actual classroom settings called stimulus tapes; one tape is used to assess the interpreter’s receptive skills and the second is used to assess the interpreter’s expressive skills. The tapes are chosen based on the grade level (elementary or secondary) and the sign language or system the interpreter is using (ASL-PSE, PSE-ASL, or MCE-PSE).

Scheduling the EIPA

The interpreter candidate needs to contact the local testing administrator at one of the three PaTTAN offices and ask for the consultant in charge of Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment.

  • PaTTAN Pittsburgh – (800) 446-5607
  • PaTTAN Harrisburg – (800) 360-7282
  • PaTTAN East – (800) 441-3215
Preparing to take the EIPA

Through PaTTAN’s Short Term Loan, educational interpreters and aspiring educational interpreters in Pennsylvania may borrow skill development resources to use to prepare to take the EIPA.  While there are more than 100 resources available, those preparing to take the EIPA may want to consider utilizing skill development designed to specifically assist in preparing for the assessment.  These resources are:

Elementary PSE – EIPA Training DVD  - practice material for translating elementary students' sign language into spoken English
Secondary PSE – EIPA Training DVD - practice material for translating secondary students' sign language into spoken English
Educational Interpreting Classroom Practice DVD: Elementary Level DVD  And Secondary  DVD - interpreters practice being”in” classrooms via recorded lessons