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Navigating the world of special education for your child can be challenging and overwhelming at times. You are not alone. Families can access publications and other resources on topics pertaining to special education, such as advocacy, educational law, your and your child’s rights, presuming competence of your child, and collaborating effectively with school teams to improve outcomes. Whether your child is just beginning to receive special education supports or you are preparing your child to transition to post-secondary life, there is help available to assist you in navigating all stages of your child’s educational journey. Each of the FAMILIES TO THE MAX Parent Partner organizations provides numerous resources to families and professionals. Click the links below to access these supports:
PaTTAN Resources for Families.  Click on link to go to https://www.pattan.net/Parent-Information/Resources-for-Transitions

Peal Center Resources for Families. Click on image to go to https://www.pealcenter.org/

HUNE logo with Recursos para las familias in text next to it. Click on image to go to website.


Families to the MAX is pleased to offer foundational training courses to any group of families, community members, school staff, related service providers, or any combination thereof. These courses embody the Network’s beliefs that every child can achieve their maximum potential in their homes, schools, and communities. Sessions are typically one to two hours, free of charge, can be presented in person or virtually, and provide opportunities to meet and network with families, professionals, and local, regional, and statewide support agency representatives.
Come, learn how F2MAX, led by families, is leading change in Pennsylvania by building awareness, empowering families, presuming competence, and fostering high expectations of all students

Course Title Course Description
  This training…
Presuming Competence: Fostering High Expectations Defines presuming competence and what it means to have high expectations for all students in their homes, schools, and communities. 
Access to the General Education Curriculum Across All Settings Describes the importance of and strategies used to provide access to the general education curriculum, regardless of educational placement.
Maximizing Communication and Learning for Your Child Defines the “what”, “why”, and “how” of speech, language, and communication, and discusses Assistive Technology (AT) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).
Collaborating on School Teams in Ways That Make a Difference Helps families and professionals further develop skills to be collaborative and effective in decisions that provide positive outcomes for students.
Leading Change Shares how families have been initiators and leaders in making change in schools, in partnership with educators and the community.

If you are interested in scheduling or finding out more about these trainings, please contact f2max@pattan.net or call 800-441-3215, ext. 3262.


image of the FAMILIES TO THE MAX TIP SHEET: Presuming Competence. Click on image to go to https://www.pattan.net/Publications/Families-to-the-MAX-Tip-Sheet-Presuming-Competence                                                             Image of FAMILIES TO THE MAX Tip Sheet-Access to the General Education Curriculum. Click on image to go to Publications page.

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Families to the Max Tip Sheet on Behavior. Click on image to go to publications page.  

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Opening Doors to College video. Click on link to go to page.
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