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New Resources:

Framework for Access and Belonging Publication

 The FAB Process uses supplementary aids and services that expand participation and learning in a general   education setting for a student with a disability. FAB is an enhancement to the former Supplementary Aides   and Services (SaS) Toolkit. Check out the new FAB publication!

Family’s Quick Start Guide to Special Education 
Family's Quick Start Guide to Special Education)                                  

Would you or families you know, who have children that qualify for or receive special education services, benefit from learning more about the special education process, the jargon, IDEA regulations, or other areas? This bundle includes several publications that provide essential, comprehendible information to families who are new to special education or simply need resources to help them navigate their child's educational experience. Share them with other families and your school community!

 Let's introduce you to the IEP Team (Individualized Education Program Team)      
Animated Videos about ALL the IEP Team Members!
Have you ever wondered who should be at an IEP team meeting or why an individual was there? Check out this new series of short clips introducing each member of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. Follow PaTTAN on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LindedIn to see new releases, or visit the YouTube playlist. Great to share with staff, families, and your school community.

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