Resources for Families

New Resources:

Resources for children with significant cognitive disabilities. Helping Your Child by Checking Progress at Home. Click on image to go to video

Pennsylvania Family Support Resources click on image to go to  

HELIX 2021 November 8-10, 2021.  Registration is open! Click on link to go to conference page.

image of Enhancing School Engagement and Attendance for Students with Disabilities.  Click here to go to publications webpage.          

OSEP Spanish Glossary 2nd Edition. English-Spanish Glossary. Click on image to go to page.

image of COVID and ONLINE Learning. Click on image to go to                             Resources by Disability. Click on image to go to resources page by Disability                             Transitions resources image. Click on image to go to Transitions Resources page                              General Resources image.  Click on the image to go to the General Resources Page.