Specialized Training Opportunities in Deaf-Blindness

a student pours milk into measuring cup with her interveners guidance.         a boy with deaf-blindness interacts with a toy on his lap while his aide looks on        young girl sits in lap of adult while being read a book.                                                                    
 close-up of the hands  of an intervener and her student tactile signing

Each school year the Pennsylvania Deaf-Blind Project provides specialized training through the Open Hand Open Access (OHOA) Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules for teams and individuals working with students with deaf-blindness. This training year begins each September with a face-to-face “Kick Off” then utilizes the first eight modules over the course of the school year.

Below is the link to the informational webinar presented in April 2018, which explains our upcoming 2018-19 OHOA Training.