LEA and APS Responsibilities

LEAs are responsible for ensuring that every child who is deaf-blind and under their purview is entered into the Deaf-Blind Child Count. This includes school-age students who are attending Approved Private Schools (APS). This also includes infants and toddlers in an LEA’s geographical area who are receiving services from an APS. All APSs must enter their students’ data prior to the opening of the Deaf-Blind Child Count for early intervention programs, school districts, and service providers.

LEAs and APSs should review the PennLink: Annual Deaf-Blind Child Count, which is disseminated each year in early January. In this document, they will find explicit directions for successfully completing the Deaf-Blind Child Count for their school. Ensuring that all of these children or students are included on the Deaf-Blind Child Count assists us in providing information, training, and any other technical assistance needed, currently or in the future.

Deaf-Blind Brochure
PennLink: Annual Deaf-Blind Child Count (2022)