2021-2022 - Transition Tuesdays - Engaging Families in Transition Planning

This sFamily-1.jpgeries will provide families, students, and educators with information and insights to enhance family members’ participation within the transition process of the IEP. Interviews with families and students, sharing their experiences with transition planning, will be used to guide discussions and learning. Participants will experience how to be active members in transition planning - before the IEP, during the IEP, and after the IEP.

Transition Tuesdays Flyer


October 26, 2021 - Before the IEP



January 25, 2022 - During the IEP


April 26, 2022 - After the IEP Resources


2020-2021 Transition Tuesday: Together Toward Tomorrow Series

The “Transition Tuesday” series is designed to continue the momentum of the 2020 PA Virtual Community on Transition Conference. These sessions were to be offered at the conference, but due to the pandemic, were not. The PA Community of Practice on Transition is pleased to feature the following webinar opportunities designed for youth, families, and professionals in the areas of Employment, Family Engagement, Post-Secondary Education, Youth Engagement, and Social and Emotional Health. 

Transition Tuesday:  Together Toward Tomorrow Series Flyer

November 17, 2020 - Career Exploration Opportunities for  Young Adults with Low-Incidence Disabilities

January 19, 2021 - PA Family Network: Who We Are and How We Can Help Families Learn, Connect, and Find Supports! PATTAN: Good Life Groups 

Handout - PA Family Network: Who We Are and How We Can Help Families Learn, Connect, and Find Supports

February 23, 2021 - You Can't Go Back When the Future is Here: Student, Parent, and College Transition Timelines

March 30, 2021 - It’s My Life and This is How I Want to Live it: Self-Directing Waiver Services in PA
Handout - It's My Life powerpoint

May 18, 2021 - Friendships: Building a Good Life

1.  Virtual Friendship Toolkit Handout
2.  Friendships - Building a Good Life
3.  Friendship_SPA_Bleeds