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AAutism College and High School Integration for Educational and Vocational Excellence


AACHIEVE seeks to support teachers, families, and students in high school, who are on the autism spectrum, are academically on grade level, and have college/post-secondary education as a goal.

This project originated from concerns about the post-secondary outcomes of individuals on the autism spectrum. Students, schools, and parents devote themselves to achieving a high school diploma and acceptance into college; however, the data indicate that this diligence and support does not necessarily translate into success in college and employment. Both post-secondary school graduation (36% within 8 years, National Longitudinal Transition Study-2, 2011) and employment (58% worked at some point between high school and their early 20s, according to the National Autism Indicators Report, Transition into Young Adulthood, 2015) rates for individuals with autism are low compared to individuals without disabilities and individuals with other disabilities.



RENEW is a structured school-to-career transition planning and individualized wraparound process for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. Developed in 1996 by staff at the Institute on Disability (IOD), RENEW is being provided by schools, community mental health centers, community-based providers, and IOD staff members to youth. The model focuses on supporting each youth to design and pursue a plan for the transition from school to adult life. RENEW has substantially increased the high school completion, employment, and post-secondary education participation rates among our most vulnerable youth.