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November 2023NEW Family Engagement Hub; Student-Led IEP Process; Transformative Family Engagement; Guiding Principles of Collaborative Advocacy; PD Opportunities
October 2023 - NEW RESOURCES! Student-Led IEP Process Resource Hub; School Teams Share F.E. Strategies; PA Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Resources
September 2023 - (Back-to-School Strategies; NEW! Engaging Families in the IEP Process resource; Family Engagement Success Stories)
June 2023 - Free, customized support in Family Engagement & other areas of education; Enhancing Family Engagement (EFE) school teams "Graduate!"; Summer strategies; Upcoming professional development opportunities; New resources for educators and families!
May 2023Enhancing F.E. Teams highlighted; new resources for Student-Led IEP Team Meetings; PASA/DLM important information; accelerated programs for teacher certification; professional development opportunities and resources.
April 2023 - 2023 PDE Conference highlights, Enhancing Family Engagement Team Training Series, spotlighting two school teams; new family engagement training module for paraprofessionals, National PTA Standards for Family-School Partnerships webinar series

March 2023 - 2023 PDE Conference Family Engagement sessions, PA’s Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Program, professional development events

Feb 2023 - Family Engagement sessions at the PDE Conference, Meet the IEP Team Members new videos, Beyond the Cookie-Cutter with Multi-Tiered Family Engagement Strategies recorded session, FAB framework—renovation of the SaS Considerations Toolkit.
Jan. 2023 - NAFSCE's Educator Preparation Framework for Family and Community Partnerships; Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) Family Engagement Rubrics; Middle School Family Engagement Learning Pack