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Contact PaTTAN's Family Engagement Team to plan sessions in the upcoming school year on family engagement and other educational strategies, helpful resources, and best practices.
Consider offering in-person training or networking sessions for staff and families together. What better way to build collaborative partnerships? Online sessions are available, though face-to-face interactions are more engaging and trust building.
As PaTTAN supports your school's/district's efforts in enhancing family and community engagement, we need your help in designing professional development and technical assistance based on your preferences and needs.



PaTTAN Family Engagement Hub image. Click on image to go to siteYour Family Engagement Resources--All in One Spot!

Looking for a one-stop shop for family engagement resources? Visit our new
This easy-to-use site contains videos, strategies, and resources from PaTTAN, the PA Department of Education, community partners, advocacy groups, leading researchers in family engagement, national centers, and much more.

                      Family Engagement Training Modules are Available! Click here image

View the Online Course!Paraprofessionals’ Role in Family Engagement: A Key to Student Success

image of What is the difference between family involvement and family engagement? PaTTANpod Cilck on image to go to video       PaTTANpod of Collaborating with Families: Effective Family Engagement. Click on image to go to video.

image of Pennsylvania Department of Education Resource Parent and Family Engagement Title 1 Local Education Agency and school Parent and Family Engagement Policy Checklist. Click on image to go to webpage.                                                              

image of the Student-Led IEP Resource Hub from PaTTANThe student-led IEP process benefits schools, families, and, most importantly, students of all ages. A site has been created with easy-to-implement, research-based strategies, helpful videos, publications, and step-by-step how-tos for each stakeholder group—Students, Families, and Educators.

Get started today and improve your student-led IEP practices to Empower students to learn skills and responsibilites that will help them design their future. After all-it is their future! 
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Share this flyer with colleagues, students, and families!   



 MEET THE IEP TEAM MEMBERS!2 images on top is Let's introduce you to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team! the second image is a video box showing Every IEP team is different, Click on the image to go to the you tube videos. 

 Have you ever wondered who should be at an IEP team meeting or why an individual was   there? Check out   this new series of short clips introducing each member of an Individualized   Education Program (IEP) team. 

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image of Transition Discoveries About US. Click on image to go to webpage                      image of PA Secondary Transition Click on image to go to website

Other Family Engagement Resources:

Image of Multi-Tiered Strategic Approach to Family Engagement  with images of Dr Barbara Boone and Hadley Bachman.  Click on image to go to   View the Webinar!

Beyond the Cookie-Cutter with a Multi-Tiered Strategic Approach to Family Engagement

Want a different way to engage your families, to go beyond the same old cookie-cutter efforts that haven't produced much success?
View this extraordinary webinar on the Multi-Tiered Strategic Approach to Family Engagement. Director Dr. Barbara Boone and Family Engagement Researcher, Hadley Bachman, share research and strategies that launch student success through family engagement. Learn how to apply the multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) model to develop expanded home-school program partnerships to support learning and healthy development.
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The Pennsylvania Family Engagement Birth through College, Career, Community Ready Framework image. Click on image to go to document. This file is large and may take extra time to download.      PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships: An Implementation Guide. Click on image to go to document.     Tips for Teachers on Family Engagement. Click on image to document. Courtesy of National PTA

NAFSCE-National Association For Family, School, and Community Engagement logo. Click on image to go to website.             Institute for Educational Leadership Innovation, Equity, Leadership logo. Click on image to go to website. 


                                                           Foundation of Inclusion TIPS. TIES Inclusive Practice Series TIPS.  TIES Inclusive Practice Series (TIPS) are designed to share practical information, ideas, and strategies on specific topics and practices to support inclusive education image. Click on image to to page.


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Family Engagement: Collaborating with Families of Students with Disabilities
This module—a revision of Collaborating with Families, which was originally developed in collaboration with the PACER Center—addresses the importance of engaging the families of students with disabilities in their child’s education. It highlights some of the key factors that affect these families and outlines some practical ways to build relationships and create opportunities for involvement (est. completion time: 1 hour).   

                                                       Family Engagement: Collaborating with Families of Students with Disabilities. Click on image to go to video at                                                                    

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