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Feb 2023 - Family Engagement sessions at the PDE Conference, Meet the IEP Team Members new videos, Beyond the Cookie-Cutter with Multi-Tiered Family Engagement Strategies recorded session, FAB framework—renovation of the SaS Considerations Toolkit.
Jan. 2023 - NAFSCE's Educator Preparation Framework for Family and Community Partnerships; Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) Family Engagement Rubrics; Middle School Family Engagement Learning Pack


Dec. 2022Updated National PTA Standards for Family-School Partnerships, Meet the Members of the IEP Team video series, Publication Bundles
Nov. 2022 - Collaborating with Families of Students with Disabilities, Family Stories Month
Oct. 2022 - Family Engagement Core Competencies from NAFSCE, Family-School-Community Partnership PaTTANpods, Beyond the Cookie-Cutter Tiered Family Engagement Session
Sept. 2022 Upcoming Conferences, Job Openings, Settling IEP Team Disagreements
May 2022 - Resources for Pennsylvania Family Engagement
Apr. 2022 - New resources: BSE Bulleting for Educators, Family Involvement vs. Engagement, and new publications.
Mar. 2022 – Family Engagement Frameworks

Feb. 2022 - Supporting Students with Disabilities in Virtual Environments (SSDVE); Annotated IEP Companion Checklist
Jan. 2022 – FAMILIES TO THE MAX: Pennsylvania Statewide Family Network


Dec. 2021 – PaTTAN’s Family Engagement Webpage
Nov. 2021 – Family Engagement PaTTANpods
Oct. 2021 – (First issue!) Six Family Engagement Training Modules