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Research has shown that early indicators of dropout can be identified in the middle school years (Allensworth, Gwynee, Moore, & de la Torre, 2014). Middle School Success: The Path to Graduation (P2G) builds local educational agencies’ (LEAs’) capacity to support middle school students identified as having emotional behavioral disorders (EBD) in achieving high school graduation.



Student Benefits
  • Increased daily attendance
  • Decreased state reportable offenses 
  • Decreased school code of conduct incidents
  • Decrease in students failing language arts and/or math
Teacher Benefits
  • Increased knowledge of interventions
  • Fidelity of intervention implementation
​Family Benefits
  • Opportunities to Increase positive engagement between home and school
  • Opportunities to deepen knowledge of the IEP and transition planning 
  • Opportunities to enhance understanding of behavioral and academic interventions
Systems Level Benefits​
  • Ongoing professional development includes:
    • Support with data collection, data analysis and action-planning
    • Fidelity of intervention implementation