Research has shown that early indicators of dropout can be identified in the middle school years (Allensworth, Gwynee, Moore, & de la Torre, 2014). The purpose of P2G is to reduce the risk factors associated with dropout. This project will provide professional development on practices that have evidence to suggest that the implementation will reduce these risk factors. P2G will address the following outcomes:

Student - Level

  • Increased daily attendance

  • Decreased state reportable offenses

  • Decreased school code of conduct incidents

  • Decrease in students failing language arts and/or math

Teacher – Level

  • Increased knowledge of interventions

  • Fidelity of intervention implementation

Coach – Level

  • Fidelity of coaching the systems-level, action-planning process

  • Fidelity of instructional coaching process

Systems – Level

  • Increased scores on the practice profile self-assessment

Family/Parent - Level

  • Increased knowledge and skills in transition planning, IEP involvement, and behavioral and academic interventions