The PA Alternate System of Assessment Dynamic Learning Maps (PASA DLM) are adaptive alternate assessments for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities for whom general state assessments are not appropriate, even with accommodations. Eligibility for participation in PASA DLM is determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.  The IEP team reviews participation in statewide assessments annually using the PASA Eligibility Criteria: Decision Making Companion Tool and determines whether the student will participate in the general assessment or the PASA DLM.  The IEP Team must answer “YES” to all six PASA eligibility criteria in order to participate in the alternate assessment. 
PASA DLM assessments offer students with the most significant cognitive disabilities a way to show what they know and can do in English language arts, mathematics, and science.  The assessments can also help parents and educators set high academic expectations for their students. Results from PASA DLM assessments can be used to inform instruction and meet Pennsylvania’s accountability requirements for reporting student achievement.
PASA DLM assessments are designed to maximize accessibility for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. Students taking DLM assessments have access to unique accessibility tools and supports that meet their needs and preferences. Some tools and supports are built into the online assessment system while others are provided by the teacher. Educators and IEP teams decide which tools and supports students need.
PASA DLM is aligned to grade-level standards and Essential Elements.  Essential Elements are reduced in depth, breadth, and complexity. Students eligible for the PASA DLM receive instruction aligned to Essential Elements, and the IEP must include standards-aligned goals and objectives. Explore
Understanding Standards Aligned Instruction for more information.

PASA Getting Ready Annual Training for Special Education Administrators

PASA Getting Ready” is an annual training developed by the Bureau of Special Education. The training provides an overview of compliance requirements associated with the 1% federal participation policy of the alternate assessment. Additional information including PASA eligibility decision-making and assessment updates are provided. At least one PASA AC/Special Education Administrator is required to participate in the training.

a screenshot of a woman and  a child working in a tablet from the hub.

PaTTAN PASA DLM Instruction and Assessment Resource Hub 

The PaTTAN PASA DLM Instruction and Assessment Resource Hub is a source of Pennsylvania news and information related to students with significant cognitive disabilities. The PaTTAN PASA DLM team believes in high expectations for all students through the provision of accessible, standards-aligned content in reading, writing, mathematics and science.
The hub is intended for PASA Assessment Coordinators, teachers of students who participate in the PASA DLM, and families.  Resources, include, but are not limited to timely news and announcements, assessment and training calendars, assessment coordinator email communications, assessment and instructional resources, training information/professional development opportunities, and alternate assessment team contacts. 
To access all PASA DLM resources visit the PA DLM webpage.