diagram of practice profile implementation cycle
The goal of MAX is to build the capacity of Pennsylvania schools and intermediate units (IU) to provide students with complex instructional needs with maximum access to and learning of grade level, general education curriculum based on Pennsylvania Standards.
The MAX Standard-Aligned Unit Plan Process, or the SAUPP, provides a structured format for the development of a standards-aligned unit of instruction.

This four-step process includes:
  • Consideration of grade-level academic standards with a brief description of the unit of study
  • Identification of prioritized learning targets and vocabulary for students with complex instructional needs
  • Consideration of the entire instructional process, including instructional practices, materials, resources and tools, assessment, barriers to access, accommodations, and modifications
  • Individualized student planning
The professional development resources listed on this page can be used by school teams in their entirety to assess and create system-level action plans, support coaching efforts, and provide professional development to school teams. The resources can also be used in isolation by professional developers and school leaders to provide training and technical assistance around specific topics of interest.
Video:  Introduction to Supports for Educating Students with Complex Instructional
  • MAX Framework for Practice
  • MAX Team: Knowledge Skills and Perspectives
  • MAX Readiness Checklist
Standards-Aligned Unit Planning Process (SAUPP)
Video: Standards-Aligned Unit Planning Process

  • SAUPP blank
  • SAUPP annotated
  • Pathways to Learning for Students with Cognitive Challenges
Practice Profile
Video:  Use of Practice Profile Rubric, Discussion Guides and Implementation Plan
  • Practice Profile Implementation Rubric
  • Practice Profile Discussion Guide
  • Practice Profile Status and Implementation Plan
PA Core Standards and SAUPP Step 1
Video:  PA Core Standards and SAUPP Step 1
  • Meeting Agenda – PA Core Standards and SAUPP Step 1
  • Classroom Characteristics Self-Assessment
  • Application Activity Action Plan
  • Least Dangerous Assumption(C. Jorgensen)
  • SAUPP blank
  • SAUPP annotated
  • Self-Advocates Video Notes Graphic Organizer
SAUPP Step 2 A and B - Alignment of Learning Targets
Video:  Step 2 A and B Alignment of Learning Targets
  • Meeting Agenda – Step 2 A and B – Alignment of Learning Targets
  • Create Your Team Mission Statement
  • Managing Complex Change
  • Depth of Knowledge
  • ELA Standard 1.2 Across the Grades
  • Application Activity Action Plan
SAUPP Step 2 C and D Aligning Vocabulary and Ideas
Video:  Step 2 C and D Aligning Vocabulary and Ideas
  • Meeting Agenda – Step 2 C and D Aligning Vocabulary and Ideas
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Excerpt
  • Completed Vocabulary Example
  • Collaboration Questions
  • Pixon Board
  • Seven Reasons to Promote Standards-Based Instruction for Students with Severe Disabilities (Courtade et al.)