Learn, See, Do: Inclusive Strategies for Core Content to Students with Intellectual Disabilities

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Shawnee Wakeman, Ph.D.

Despite knowing students with significant cognitive disabilities (SwSCD) can make academic gains in inclusive settings, they remain underrepresented in general education settings. One of the leading questions is how to best provide core content instruction to SwSCD in general education settings. This presentation will use a learn-see-do approach on how to implement embedded trials of systematic instruction to teach core content to SwSCD in inclusive settings.
Credits: Act 48, ASHA, Psych
Audience: Special Education Teachers; General Education Teachers

Speaker Bio: Dr. Shawnee Wakeman is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education and Child Development at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her research interest includes access to the general curriculum and how it is enacted for students with significant cognitive disabilities, alignment of the educational system, alternate assessment, and special education teacher preparation including edTPA. Dr. Wakeman is currently or has either lead or served on several federally funded projects including Project IMPACT: Inclusion Made Practical for All Children and Teachers;  The TIES Center: Increasing Time, Instructional Effectiveness, Engagement, and State Support for Inclusive Practices for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities; Project LEAAP: Longitudinal Examination of Alternate Assessment Progressions; and the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC).   Dr. Wakeman has designed and provided professional development to practicing teachers in more than 10 states and currently works extensively with pre-service teacher candidates in clinical settings.
Shawnee Wakeman