It's Not About the Tools; It's About Skills for the Future

Jane Freeman and Barbara Chubb
Educators are passionate about using technology to extend and deepen learning. Most recognize the changing landscape of “the real world” and the modern pedagogies needed to prepare students for that world. However, more often than not, they find challenges in applying these new concepts with specific tools. How can we best help students to learn and use technology that prepares them to be successful in employment, education, and independent living? The Expanded Core Curriculum for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing provides a specialized curriculum of skills needed by students now and in the future and many teachers are utilizing this tool to develop lessons. We will look at transforming existing lessons with current technology tools to both model and teach skills for the future.
Credits: Act 48, ASHA, Psych
Audience: Special Education teachers; Teachers who work with students with hearing loss; Teachers who work with students who are Deaf-Blind

Speaker Bios: Recently retired, Jane Freeman spent her career working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Ms. Freeman served as a teacher, program consultant, supervisor and PaTTAN consultant.  Her areas of interest include secondary transition, educational technology, special education leadership and Visual Phonics.
Jane Freeman

Barbara Chubb has worked in the field of deaf education as a teacher and counselor at IU#15 for 20+ years. She also served as the supervisor for sensory impaired services at IUs #15 and #13 and retired as the Director of Student Services from IU#15. As a strong advocate for both students and their families and as a teacher leader, Barbara was a founding member of PA Educators of Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (PESDHH) and has returned recently as it's current president.  She also serves as a member of ERCHL, the advisory board to the PA Department of Education, that drives quality services for children with hearing loss.
 Barbara Chubb