FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the registration cost?
We are happy to offer a free conference for HELIX 2020! No matter if you are an educator in Pennsylvania, employed by a public school or a private school, or joining us from out of state, you will be able to join HELIX free of charge!
Do I have to register since the conference is free?
Yes, you will be required to register in order to receive the links to participate in the sessions. Registration will allow us to anticipate the number of attendees per session and will also allow us to award credits and certificates of attendance, based on attendees completing attendance and evaluation surveys.
Which continuing education options are available?
We are offering Act 48, ASHA, PSYCH, ACVREP. If you want to submit for other types of credit on your own, you can request “instructional hours” and complete the credit requirements, which will result in you being able to download a certificate of attendance.
Will sessions be recorded for later viewing and credit?
We are exploring our options for this … please check back for more information!
Will hand-outs be available?
Yes! Any hand-outs that presenters share with us will be posted on the HELIX web page on the PaTTAN website. If we don’t receive the hand outs in time for the conference, we will post them as soon as we receive them and ensure that they are accessible.
How will I receive the links to access the sessions?
All sessions will be zoom sessions. A few days before the conference, you will receive an email with links to the sessions.
When you click on the zoom links, you will have to enter your name and email address through the zoom registration process. You will then be emailed the actual link to the session, as well as the password. This additional step will allow us to verify your attendance for continuing education credits.
We encourage you to test your computers/devices prior to the date of the web conference using https://zoom.us/test, and to seek local assistance if you encounter difficulty.