Professional Learning

Professional-Learning.jpgProfessional Learning

Fidelity of Professional Learning is associated with an ongoing investment in practitioners and their development of the research to practice skills necessary to achieve more effective implementation over time, including a collective and deeper understanding of the conceptual underpinnings of a multi-tiered system of support. The establishment of professional learning structures are critical for maintaining and sustaining an investment in practitioners toward fidelity of implementation of effective practices.


“Professional Learning” Team Discussion Items

  1. Describe the extent to which professional learning is ongoing and job-embedded and supports educators in getting better at the implementation of effective instructional practices.

  2. Describe one professional learning activity that had a visible impact on student learning as a function of changes that were uniformly made to instruction (evidenced across classrooms).

  3. Describe structures that support access to professional learning and accountability for applying what has been learned to classroom practices with increasing fidelity.

  4. Describe how timely and supportive feedback is provided to educators relative to implementation efforts.

  5. Describe how data were used to target professional learning and for whom (please be sure the staff member is not identified by name and do not include the actual training materials.



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