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Fidelity of family engagement means that families have received a comprehensive overview of the MTSS Framework and understand your school’s vision and mission. Families are empowered by school teams to become meaningfully engaged in the MTSS process and receive oral and written communication relative to their child’s progress. Families are informed and understand their right to request a special education evaluation at any time, regardless of the school’s MTSS adoption and/or implementation status. Interested families have also received training and support to implement evidence-based practices at home that will empower them to help facilitate their child’s progress.


“Family Engagement” Team Discussion Items

  1. Describe how families are empowered to participate in meetings related to the effectiveness of tiered supports for their children

  2. How are families who speak another language meaningfully engaged and supported?

  3. Discuss the quality and accessibility of .sample reports that a family might receive regarding their child’s response to intervention.

  4. Explain the process for making families aware of their right to request a special education evaluation at any time, regardless of the status of your MTSS implementation process.

  5. Provide an example of an MTSS training event designed for families. What did the training emphasize? How many families attended the event?

  6. Describe examples of evidence-based practices that families may use to support their child’s learning and growth



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