SSIP Videos/Podcasts

This section includes videos designed by and for Students with disabilities off-track for graduation.

ABC Quick Tip Video in English and Spanish
Highlighting strategies for supporting students' Attendance, Behavior, and Course Performance (The A-B-Cs)

Student Voices: Are you on track to graduate?
Highlighting strategies used for students to stay in school and graduate. 

Student Voices HUNE Youth Program Video
Highlighting the HUNE after-school and summer programs to ensure students stay in school and graduate.

Podcast:A Date with Data, Episode 11: A Pennsylvania SSIP Story, Part One

Keystones of Improvement: A Pennsylvania SSIP Story, Part 1 | IDC - IDEA Data Center

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: A state wishes to increase its graduation rates, decrease its drop-out rates. That’s what happened in Pennsylvania, where Dr. Laura Moran and Barbara Mozina applied lessons learned to the second iteration of their state’s SSIP. In the first episode of this two-part A Date with Data, host Amy Bitterman hears all about it, including their efforts to establish an online “early warning” data platform, develop protocols for creating and sustaining data teams, and move districts beyond being “data rich and information poor.” You’ll be the richer, too, for tuning in. 


Podcast: A Date with Data, Episode 12: A Pennsylvania SSIP Story, Part Two 

Keystones of Improvement: A Pennsylvania SSIP Story, Part 2 | IDC - IDEA Data Center

Collaboration. Communication. Continuation. These are just a few keystones of improvement. In this second part of our deep dive into Pennsylvania’s ongoing efforts to increase the state's graduation rate and reduce its drop-out rate, guests Dr. Laura Moran and Barbara Mozina share how they helped develop the ability of stakeholders—especially families and students—to provide feedback by creating and maintaining a continuous flow of information and hosting focus groups. It’s the culmination of our double date in the Keystone State, so don’t miss out.