Parent Involvement Survey: Your Participation Matters

Speaking: Linda

Each year, parents of school-aged students with disabilities in approximately one-fifth of Pennsylvania's Local Education Agencies (LEAs) are surveyed to determine the extent to which they feel their child’s school facilitated parent involvement. The results of the annual survey are reported to the Federal Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and to the public as part of Pennsylvania’s Annual Performance Report. Parent involvement is a federally required indicator of compliance and performance (Indicator #8) that is part of all State Performance Plans. This video, Parent Involvement Survey: Your Participation Matters, is a family-friendly overview of the parent survey that Pennsylvania uses to address Indicator 8. Presented by a parent for parents of children with disabilities, this video highlights the following: the intent of Indicator 8; how the parent survey is administered; what the parent survey looks like; and why parents receiving the parent survey are encouraged to respond to the request for information. Districts are encouraged to share this video with the parent of children with disabilities prior to their LEAs involvement in the survey cycle for Indicator 8.