From Presence to Achievement: Raising the Bar for Our Students, Our Children, and Ourselves

Speaking: Erin

From the perspective of this parent/educator, what does it take for all us in education –meaning educators and families – to raise the bar that is our own expectations? It’s not the job of education to fix my child; it’s the job of education to uncover her capacity, create access to learning and community, and provide opportunities and invitations for her to find her own contribution. The least dangerous assumption is that what our children’s/students’ bodies and brains can demonstrate to us is the floor, not the ceiling, of what they comprehend. Our children, our students with”Low Incidence Disabilities” are not buckets of needs or labels who can be easily measured or quantified. They are each a person who the world needs to hear from. The world needs what they have to offer. Education is the process of ensuring that they can make that contribution. Let’s start there.