Online Courses

Online Courses for Paraprofessionals

Knowledge and Skill Development for Special Education Paraprofessionals in Pennsylvania

Sessions from PaTTAN’s Special Education Paraprofessional Training Series are available online. Trainings provide practical information regarding educational methods and resources to special education paraprofessionals working with students in a variety of educational settings. These sessions will assist special education paraprofessionals to gain knowledge related to the standards listed in the Pennsylvania Credential of Competency Checklist, and obtain in-service training hours required by Pennsylvania regulations.

Each session is a separate course featuring a synchronized presentation of the speaker, the PowerPoint slides, and captioned text that appear simultaneously on the computer screen. Participants who view a course from start to finish and complete a brief assessment will be eligible to download and print a certificate of attendance indicating hours of in-service training time.

Creating an Account, Accessing Courses, and Certificates

First time visitors to the online courses need to create an account with an email and password at by clicking on Create Account. Participants must use the same email and password each time they want to view a course. Participants should store their email and password in a safe place for future use. Participants do not register through the PaTTAN WisdomWhere system.

To earn staff development hours, paraprofessionals must watch a video, answer assessment questions, and print a Certificate of Attendance. All videos are to be viewed using a laptop or desktop computer only. The video tracker will not engage when viewing videos from your smart phone or tablet device. Paraprofessionals who would like to view online course offerings and/or take an online course please click here: .

The certificates are proof of your required staff development hours. Participants are responsible for downloading certificates of attendance. Records of completed courses may be accessed on the  website, under Certificates. PaTTAN will not have a record of your attendance.