Overview of Intensive Interagency

This system is aimed at providing assistance to students who are at substantial risk of waiting more than 30 days for an appropriate educational placement.

In addition to assisting local education agencies with providing appropriate educational placements, the system of interagency coordination also works toward the goal of enhancing the capacity of school district programs so that the needs of students with disabilities can be met in public educational settings in most situations.

Parents and guardians may contact 
Special Education ConsultLine at 1-800-879-2301 for more information about Intensive Interagency support.
There are a variety of Technical Assistance (TA) resources available to assist Local Education Agency teams in resolving program/placement issues. Each Intermediate Unit has a consultant assigned as an IU Interagency Coordinator. This person has the responsibility of working with families and teams in an effort to identify resources, arrange services, identify needs and service gaps, and develop an action plan which will lead to the provision of an appropriate program.

Publication: County CASSP and Children's Behavioral Health Contact Persons, listed alphabetically by county