PAI Supports

Autism, Schools, and Effective Instruction

Schools are there to help children learn! For Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning may be a challenge at times, due to differences in social-communicative functioning and the presence of repetitive or stereotypical behaviors. With effective instruction, schools can assist students with autism in achieving significant benefits.  Some characteristics of effective instruction for students with autism include:

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  • Instruction focused on teaching the right skills in an effective sequence and with systematic methods. Children with autism spectrum disorders should make progress that is efficient and with results consistent with established standards.

  • Instruction that includes high rates of active student responding.
  • Instruction in critical social communicative skills across levels of functioning and grade levels
  • Instruction with delivery methods that can be monitored, adjusted, and verified through reliable student-level data.
  • Instruction that focuses on practical skill outcomes that increase independence, options for post-secondary education, and development of skills related to successful employment.


An overview and summary of outcomes: PAI Supports​

Summary of PAI Outcomes
Site Review Process and Effective Instruction