Pennsylvania State Laws and Regulations

PDE_LOGO-Transparent.pngThe State Board of Education, established by the General Assembly, is the principal administrative regulatory body for elementary/secondary and higher education in the Commonwealth. In addition to promulgating regulations, the Board has the statutory authority to “adopt broad policies and principles and establish standards governing the educational program of the Commonwealth.” The special education regulations in Pennsylvania are found under the 22 PA Code Chapter 14 for school districts and Chapter 711 for charter schools.


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- Office Lead
- State Lead
Amira Hill-Yancy PaTTAN - EAST
Nichole Kopco PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Ryan Romanoski PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Roni Russell PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Sandy Shacklady-White PaTTAN - EAST
James Wright PaTTAN - CENTRAL
Kimberly Cole PaTTAN - EAST
Cecil Crouch PaTTAN - WEST
Darla Bryant PaTTAN - WEST
Susan Fariss PaTTAN - WEST