Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

AI and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can be used to support learners, to remove barriers to learning, and to help ensure equitable access to education. We can use AI to provide customized, 1:1 supports, or to adapt lesson material to the needs of learners.
In this section, you'll find information, tools, and resources for using AI to help meet the needs of all learners.



Here are a few ways you might use AI to design scaffolds and supports for
neurodiverse students from John Spencers Guide to AI in Education

1. Providing additional handouts to facilitate task-analysis and executive function
2. Using AI to help schedule small groups
3. Using AI speech recognition software as an assistive technology to help students
with writing
4. Using AI image generators to help students who need a more concrete example of what they are learning in class
5. Designing targeted skill practice (high interest leveled reading, word problems
for math, etc.)
6. Using AI to modify assignments to reduce cognitive load (fewer steps) while encouraging students to still access the grade level content.
7. Using AI to reduce the amount of work while still maintaining a high challenge
level. For example, a student with dyscalculia might need fewer problems but can still master the math content at the same grade level.


Resource Links

AccessCSforAll - The partnership between CSforAll and Access for all. Tons of resources for Accessible Computer Science 
Google offers some resources from Talk to text to reading along. https://readalong.google.com/ , https://books.google.com/talktobooks/
Prime Voice AI  - Talk to text using AI.
Job interview Warmup Interview skills practiced with AI

Articles and News

How AI is changing Special education? Link to article from The Tech Edvocate
The conference board brief on AI and diversity, equity and Inclusion          
Fast Company article - An article on the disruption of DEI with AI
How AI can give companies a DEI boost
World Economic forum on DEI
Using AI to tackle bias and advance DEI in the workplace
How AI Is Driving Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Breakthroughs
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in K-12 CoSN report
Deloitte AI institute:A catalyst for diversity Inspiring STEM learning and careers with AI
Why AI education will soon become an integral part of K12 education
Futures of artificial intelligence in education and diversity, equity, and inclusion
AI And DEI - A Match Made In K12 Heaven?


Equity and Bias in AI Technology

Equity issues for our students for using or not using this resource
How to gather data that is relevant to them? Students and teachers need to be trained on how to use AI accurately.
The use of prompts is critical when using ChatGPT to get the most accurate responses you can use. 



Some Considerations:

  • How will this be regulated?
  • Using FERPA protected info in chatgpt when generating  communication about students etc
  • Discussion on cyber insurance and cyber security incidents (Data protection is necessary)
  • Regulations put in place for data protections
  • AI ethics class for both students and teacher






Equity, inclusion and belonging in PA

PaTTAN Equity and Inclusive Practices initiatives

Resources, trainings, and technical assistance related to equitable and inclusive K-12 education 

Equitable Practices Hub (PDE, 2023)

Resources that may be used to promote intentional equity

Pennsylvania Equity and Inclusion Toolkit (PDE, 2017)

Strategies to address bias and discrimination, and create a culture of inclusiveness

Culturally-relevant and Sustaining Education (CR-SE) Program Framework Guidelines (PDE, 2022)

CR-SE competencies and related standards for educators