Alternate Eligible Content for Writing Modules


Session Dates

Monday March 18, 2019
Friday March 22, 2019

Module I: Alternate Ways to Demonstrate Writing
This module will take participants through a variety of activities and experiences to consider what writing can look like for students who are often nontraditional writers. It will explore how students with significant cognitive disabilities can be actively engaged in the writing process, and what alternative written products can look like. Pennsylvania’s definition of writing as developed by stakeholders will be explored, and translated into possibilities for students, Grades 3-11.

Module II: Getting Familiar with Alternate Eligible Content and Intents
Within this module, participants will have an opportunity to explore the alternate eligible content within writing, the strands addressed and the larger broad statements that enable teachers to set reasonable targets for all students. How the AEC was developed will be shared and opportunity to examine the AEC in closer depth will be part of the interactive experience. Resources will be shared that can be very useful in the classroom.

Module III: The Essentialization Process
This module will have participants interact with developing reasonable targets, using AEC, within writing for each student. Using the essentialization process, participants will explore examples and non-examples and create their own! Considerations and ideas for data collection will also be presented.


Module I -
Participants will be able to:

  • Identify alternate ways a student with disabilities can demonstrate writing
  • Define writing for students eligible for the PASA as described by PA Stakeholders
  • Demonstrate understanding of the microstructures and macrostructures for writing as defined for all students in PA

Module II -
Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the writing strands prioritized for the alternate eligible content
  • Identify the alternate eligible content and intents within and across grades
  • Identify resources available to support understanding of the writing AEC and its connection to the PA Core Standards

Module III -
Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the components of the essentialization process
  • Identify the ‘know’, ‘do’ and ‘context’ within a piece of AEC
  • Practice how to manipulate each component to achieve reduced complexity content targets for a student

Target Audience

Special educators, general educators, families, administrators

Topics Covered: Low Incidence

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On-line Courses

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Sharon Faul