School-Based ACCESS Program Statewide Training

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Session Dates

Monday October 07, 2019 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

SBAP General Session
The General Session will be led and presented by the Department of Health Services (DHS).  DHS team members will review policy highlights of the SBAP, updates to the Provider Handbook, SBAP annual performance and claiming levels, compliance requirements for credentials & licensure, and other important information and reminders.

Optimizing Your SBAP Potential

This session will be led and presented by Public Consulting Group (PCG)
PCG will focus on assisting participating LEAs in achieving compliance within the SBAP, addressing LEA responsibilities such as: Related Service Documentation: monitoring of service log entry, compliance information, and reimbursement levels.

Cost Settlement Session

This session will be led and presented by Sivic Solutions Group (SSG)
SSG will review the expense elements associated with annual cost settlements as well as critical dates in the cost settlement process.


Participants will

Define and list the information they will be required to provide, how they will provide it, and what the timeline is for completing SBAP requirements.

Review the PA Cost Settlement process that all schools must complete annually.

Target Audience

These sessions are intended for ACCESS coordinators, special education directors and supervisors, business managers, and anyone else involved in SBAP.

Topics Covered: Other or Non PaTTAN

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DHS- Department of Human Services, PCG- Public Consulting Group, SSG- Sivic Solutions Group

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Sharon Kennedy


Roni Russell